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2 Replies to “Relational paradigm – Bruce and Francine”

    1. “This perspective rests on the assumption that human beings are intrinsically relational, that the human problem is relational rupture, that all emotional symptoms are expressions of relational anxiety and that relational repair is the only and sufficient path to human well being.”

      I like the word assumption here. The Freudian assumption is that there is an inner world that is out of kilter. This is not such a common assumption now, there is more understanding that it is the relationship with the therapist that is the source of healing.

      In psychodrama we talk of social atom repair. That is relational. Even when other people are not present, with the psychodrama method we concretise relationships. Surplus reality. In reality or in surplus reality we can *assume* that humans are relational.

      The way I’m talking now is about the quite mysterious place that lies somewhere in the deep work we do.

      It sounds maybe too born again to say “only”. But the relational paradigm is very foreign, individualism has reigned for a long time. In the relational paradigm, the relationship gives birth over and over to the ‘self’.

      Whatever wellness is, as you say Dan, you can’t do it alone. See you soon!

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