“Relational” TA and psychoanalysis, psychodrama and the relational paradigm 

I have been looking up anything to do with the relational paradigm  and keep bumping into relational psychoanalysis and relational T.A. They seem fine. I’m surprised these branches of the tree are even needed – I would have thought that … Continue reading

History of the Relational Paradigm

It occurred to me that before Imago therapists came up with the idea of the relationship paradigm there were earlier attempts at the formulation. I’ve mentioned Moreno and ‘tele’, Martin Buber and I-Thou today it occurred to me that Jung … Continue reading

Coevolution, invention, creation of the psyche – the relational paradigm

There is a flow in the evolution process. Grass had to exist before grazing animals could evolve, they in turn had to precede carnivores. These examples perhaps are best expressed in the principle of the “next adjacent possible”. A brief … Continue reading