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Some nice pictures & I like what MJM has to say about the way of working.

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I’m completely addicted to digital drawing. I buy new watercolor paper and traditional paints and pristine sketchbooks at The Art Store, but they gather dust beside my desk. I feel less worthy somehow when I sketch using my computer. Ridiculous, I tell myself — it’s really just like choosing a mechanical pencil over a Berol 2B, or a Rapidograph over a quill pen. No digital god steers my fingers when I sit at my computer. I know that, but somehow I keep planning to get back to “real drawing” someday, where my mistakes aren’t permanently erased by a simple “Ctrl-Z” command.

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Dolores Brien is one of my favourite bloggers.  This post is typical of why.  In the Valium To Buy on various scientists etc I was attracted to science on the one hand and repelled on the other.  Got something clear: I am repelled by the brights.  Good to see Freeman Dyson is not among them, I’d like his blog too – does he have one?  His daugter does – Buy Diazepam 10Mg! Some athiests are more spiritual than religious people – dyson is one & maybe Dolores too.

Although Dyson is not a religious believer and as a distinguished scientist is eminently qualified to be a “bright” should he choose to do so, he tells us that he himself sees religion as a “precious and ancient part of our human heritage.” Dennett, on the contrary, “sees it as a load of superfluous mental baggage which we should be glad to discard.” What is missing from Dennett, as Dyson sees it, is the recognition that science is only one way of understanding. “Science,” Dyson writes, “is a particular bunch of tools that have been conspicuously successful for understanding and manipulating the material universe. Religion is another bunch of tools, giving us hints of a mental or spiritual universe that transcends the material universe.” If you use, as Dennett does, only the scientific tools, you will never understand religion. “We can all agree that religion is a natural phenomenon, but nature may include many more things than we can grasp with the methods of science.”

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I am enjoying this Google feature. Really nice way to manage all sorts of note taking, and linking to the web. Making them public seems ok, though my notes are mainly for me, bookmarks and tools for my writing etc. The public version does not show the lovely ajax enabled fluidity for managing these notes, showing & hiding them & moving them to different notebooks. Here are my public ones just set up today:

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Here is another Audio (9.56 min):

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Thanks Dan for your Buy 1000 Diazepam Online.

Maybe my reticence is not for professional reasons … a defence – See Freud's list Buying Valium In Phnom Penh

What are defenses about & for?

What about James Hillman's Buy Diazepam Canada

Whatever I am defended about there is also a need to find a way through some genuine difficulties.

Also mentioned:

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Diazepam Valium Online Uk


Sub to Psyberspace, the Podcast:

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Five minutes of Audio. 

Cheap Valium Wholesale
Some audio about finding my writer's, my blogger's voice. And the "show notes" follow"

My envy of Dan's voice: http://dan.randow.net.nz/

Ref to a books I mention: …. Can't find "I had the Time" maybe it does not exist!

How To Buy Valium In Australia, Buy Valium Diazepam 10Mg, though these are not good examples as they are professional books. Exposing for all that.

Some talk about pseudonyms.

Reference to Online Meds Valium & naked blogging

Purchasing Valium Online

Lots of tabs open of Firefox, this one, the origins of the current layout for this blog:  Buy Diazepam Nz is here cause I’m looking for a way of making the font abit smaller. But I think I need to be off the hosted WordPress site to do that. This one  Can I Buy Valium Over The Counter In Canada because it was linked to from the Kubrick theme page. While on the subject of Kubrick, we saw “Eyes Wide Shut” the other day, a friend recommended it for its “Jungian” aspect. Makes sense, the two protagonists are exploring a similar synchronous path, one in RL and the other in dreams.

Cheap Valium Uk

Valium Online India & Buy Cheap Valium Uk Online  More Kubrick, and we did more too, got out Paths Of Glory, but did not really like it much. Got that from here: Buy Diazepam Online Usa

Only on Tab one of about 25!  The next:  Abit of vanity:  Looking for the oldest entry with my name in it and found one from Buy Valium In Ho Chi Minh and more vanity, embarrasing:  Buy Genuine Diazepam Uk

Later… never did get to blog the other tabs… nevermind.