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Podcast — Audio

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As I listen to this interview I was glad to have the proposal and petition for the Therapeutic Village online.   I’m determined it will happen!  Listen and notice how the Village idea fills the gap.

This is a link to the submission: Buy Valium 2Mg

There is also Buy Valium Dublin that will be delivered to the Government and again to the Inquiry at the end of November 2018

Please sign and spread the word.



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I have heard that traditionally the square format is meant to be hard to compose. Maybe. I am working on my new Diazepam Valium Online Uk, and for some reason I want all images to be square. Not just in the Gallery, I think it began with the prints. I wonder how long this itch will take to scratch?

The Gallery has images from Valium Online Overnight and also new ones. Wherever they have been shown before, in whatever format, now they are also square.

What do you think?

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Presenting my work is more on my mind right now than making it. Not as much fun, but presentation floats to the top, unbidden. I am thinking about both the world and online. I’ll focus on the latter.

I have changed the name of this blog to “Walter Logeman: Art” with the subtitle In this moment… My art Blog” the reason is clarity. It is still the same blog, I am still “In this moment…” and it is still, as it says on the About Page:

Nothing but art, artists, art talk, art history, art philosophy, pictures and projects. Most of my work and work-in-progress is on this blog.

The clarity seems right because I am working on a Diazepam Valium Online Uk. If you go there now (as I write this) you will see it is heavily under construction.

With the Gallery I can post exhibits, and show work that is complete. Series. Simple. More stable. I sometimes refine an image I have already blogged as I present them to other sites. I will focus on quality.

You can sub to the Buy Genuine Diazepam Uk and watch progress and then see updates as they happen including my fumblings. Better still Valium Online Overnight Delivery, I will announce all Gallery news here as well.

The first things to be shown there will be my Earth Crosses, of course. Next FLAX.

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The Earth Crosses – a series I began as part of the Valium Online Overnight and then added to since. I thought it completed in February 2008, but have done some since not in this selection.

The way up is the same as the way down. – Heraclitus

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