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The Making of a Virtual Professor
Richard B. Kettner-Polley
Professor of Business Administration
International School of Information Management University


The role of the professor is changing dramatically. Lectures endure despite the fact that they were outmoded as soon as books became readily available to students. This is a case study in the transformation of one traditional professor into a virtual professor. On one level this is only one person’s story. On another level it is a sign of the times. Jorge Klor de Alva’s choice to leave one of the most prestigious universities in the country for the University of Phoenix is a signal event. Traditional academia will change, and it is the quiet transformation of traditional professors into virtual professors that tells the true story behind this revolution.


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Online Learning Resources

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Degree Net

Degree.net Central

Welcome to Degree.net: the web’s number one resource for information on distance learning, provided by John Bear, Ph.D., author of the long-time best-selling Bears’ Guide to Earning Degrees Nontraditionally.

Distance learning is a booming field: More and more schools are making it possible for people to get the degree they want or need without ever setting foot on a college campus. It can also be a baffling field, fraught with misinformation, false expectations, complexities such as accreditation, and outright dangers such as diploma mills.
Degree.net is here to help make distance learning less baffling and more booming. We’re here to demystify accreditation, identify diploma mills, report on the latest developments in the industry, and, most importantly, help distance learners and good distance learning schools to find each other.


DLRN — For Educators
“Designing Instruction for Web-Based Distance Learning”

Would you like to know more about online teaching and learning?
Are you interested in teaching a class via the Web or turning your existing class into an online course? If you answered yes to these questions, the Distance Learning Resource Network’s “Designing Instruction for Web-Based Distance Learning” is for you. This guide will help you design a course or materials for the Web or convert an existing course into an online course.

These scenarios raise many issues and questions that we hope this guide and its activities will address. One of the main issues distance education instructors face is how the impact of teaching a course on the Internet changes the interaction between student and teacher, as well as between student and student. We hope that completion of this course will lead to satisfying, new teaching experiences for you and success in creating a dynamic, interactive Web-based learning experience.