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National Psychodrama Training Center:

The National Psychodrama Training Center offers Professional Psychodrama Training Workshops in many locations throughout the United States.

John Nolte and several colleagues organized The Midwest Institute for Training in Psychodrama and Group Dynamics, a not-for-profit educational corporation in 1973, in Springfield, Illinois. The Institute was re-named several years later as The Midwest Center for Psychodrama & Sociometry. The Midwest Center recently became the National Psychodrama Training Center to reflect the fact that its Professional Psychodrama Training Workshops are conducted at a number of locations throughout the United States.

The mission of the Center is to teach and train others in the methods, theories and philosophy of J. L Moreno, M.D., the originator of Psychodrama, Sociometry, Role Training and Sociodrama. Recognizing that these methods have broad applications beyond their most common function as a form of psychotherapy, the National Psychodrama Training Center maintains an open-admissions policy,welcoming to its workshops folks of all occupations and professions. In addition to members of the mental health professions and counselors of all kinds, the Center can count lawyers, teachers, ministers, librarians, engineers, judges, plumbers and one university president among its students and trainees.

The workshops of The National Psychodrama Training Center are residential workshops, conducted in conference and retreat centers in several areas of the country. Two primary goals are achieved by residential workshops. Working, eating, and engaging in informal and unstructured time together enhances group development and cohesion. Insight into the group’s sociometry is thus made possible. A second reason for residential workshops is economical; the residential workshop is less expensive for traveling participants who require room and meals.

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