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Now this one grew out of the last one. One thing leads to another. But the process is not done. I can see this leading to more “design” style images, I am getting the hang of it and using a few new functions I am learning in the software (like copying a layer and then moving it slightly etc)

But what do I do, work on the bush or play more with designs? So this is what happens… a myriad of scrappy projects that I love doing… To be honest I think I will get there. Sooner or later I’ll get a series done and they will a unified life.
Earth Crosses got there, though there is a printing job to finalise there.

Next post, more moves into different directions.

hcard and linking stuff

I am still mucking around with Microformats, Id do it on my Psyberspace blog but it is harder to fiddle there on WordPress.com (must change it over to my own server. some time)

Have added a hCard to the bottom of the sidebar in the main view.

Some software will show up what is there eg Operator, Firefox add-on.


It is not nothing to do with art. Here is a hCard for example for Andy Warhol. It is part of wanting to make maps of connections between paintings, art networks as net artworks. So I am exploring these Microformats and FOAF and JSON all things Google are getting into.


Making links between painting and so on is definitely art for me, and it is very psyber. I will be blogging and linking these discussions in the Psyberspace blog.

Andy Warhol
Born: August 6, 1928
Died: February 22, 1987

New York

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I have just added this plugin. Makes total sense to me, how else is a blog really a conversation tool? Usually it is not. So leave a comment, tick the box & I will respond. Testing it still.

Paint? More from the workshop…

Larger Image.

Here is another cross. This one is a hybrid. The back-ground is paint and the verticals are digital. There is no original either, the base image was from a shot I took of part of the canvas, resized from landscape to square, beefed up the image in post-production. I think it will make a good print.

I still have the 600×600 mm original acrylic but it got tortured out of recognition! A lot of agony & ecstasy.
This one shows a some of what I learned over the three days. Layers. Removing paint in a variety of ways. I will keep going with this. More hybrids, and perhaps the other way around too! I could print the vertical on the texture.

My goal is to make a set of physical ones.


Some more from the workshop soon, I still have the photos to take.

Later: Saturday, 5 July, 2008

This image is now featured in the Gallery

full size

In the thick of it

Photo of the view, first night on the workshop:


The next day I learned a lot about paint. My first real go at real-media in a long time, decades!

The focus and the exercises were great.


One small bit of real paint from my exercise sheet.


I finished up doing some acrylic seed heads, but they are gone, apart from a digital sketch I made on the Tablet at the end of the day: the usual digital follows.

Poppy Seed
Larger Image.

Software for drawing on the Tablet PC

I get asked from time to time what software I use. So here is a post to sum that up, I have done it before but it is out of date. Starting with what I use most. I can take images from one program to another, either whole or as layers.

ArtRage 2.5

It is my favorite because it has a good interface, and it can do a lot really well. It has some features no other programs have, or if they have them they are too hard to find or use.

ACDsee 4.

For some “post production” such as lightening or darkening images, changing the hue.

Corel Paint X

Very versatile, I can usually get the exact pen I want, and love discovering new ones.


Other post-production. It can do some nice things like straighten & tilt.


It can do everything, I use it for printing.


This is the MS free one that comes with Windows. It is quick for text, and bucket fill.


I have tried lots of others but these ones are the most stable. ArtRage has never crashed my machine, and all the others have. I have spent a lot on software, but the $25 for ArtRage 2 was the best value for money by a long shot.

Of course it is all personal preference, it depends on what you know and what you do.