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The Buy Generic Diazepam‘s next effort will be The American President. I’ll watch it and make notes here, hopefully *before* they do the podcast. Watch this space.

This is the guide I use while watching:

Cheap Valium Wholesale

Wednesday, 28 February, 2018

I’ve seen the movie and I’ve made some notes. I’m a bit sloppy as I did not like the movie that much.

Ordinary World

Day to day in th Presidents world – his life. His colleagues. The lobbyists. His daughter, dutiful dad.

Then there is a bit of a build up to election stuff – but that is ordiary for the President.

There is a call for the president to do the right environmental thing… he sort of refuses.

Then the soppsed “pitbull” comes on the scene Sydney Ellen Wade. The is on for an adventure and a fight for the environment.

But these are not the calls.

The call to Adventure

The call is that they fall in love. Well Pres. Shepherd falls in love and there is no refusal in sight… For a while. He pursues with gusto.. And she accepts his calls – litterally and as a hero. Both have ftiends alleies and enamies.

Love is the special world and they fall over the threshhold despite the threshold guardians each have. Is the dancing the moment they are truly in? Or the kiss?. Earlier really as the first whif of romance is in the air. So much for the pitbull.


Then there is his refusal – he opts for the crime bill and not the environment. This cop out is also one where he refuses love. And his refusal here is matched by hers. “You have lost more than me, you have lost my vote.”

Seizing the Sword

But then in a speech to the world he accepts the call – the environment, even if he might not win her back. But she flies back faster than a speeding bullet. the adventure has gone on for a while so this might be more the seising of the sword.

He finally gets her roses and the elixer is true love prevails

And a big nod to liberal values.

Relationships, Romance and who is the protagonist?

I think they are both heroes, or maybe love is the protagonist. The trouble is that he is the main hero… He has all the power, it is a patriachal story. How might this have played out if it was not partiarchal? The relationship being the protagonist and each of them having a hero’s journey fully matched? It would be nice to speculate. Could it even be a romantic commedy then? I hope a much better one.

Are there any such dramas?

Reflecting on this it is clear that there are three elements in any relationship – each of the lovers, and the relationship. Each has a full life, i.e. the dramatic circle of the hero’s journey. Relationships are not 50/50. They are produced many 100% moments. How well can that be portrayed?

This question of how to put a relationship on the stage is a burning question for me!

Buy Valium Diazepam 10Mg

I’m a fan. I get his newsletter and calendars.

Look at this beautifully crafted blog post. Inspiring in content and also in form. This would win a blog Oscar if there were one.

Online Meds Valium

Such a simple point. Do a little art everyday. Presented by a thousand art coaches, but here it is fresh and inspiring.


Now on a more personal more. I committed to work on my art book 15 minutes a day in January. Managed that for about 28 of the 31.

At day 28 I got tired. But more than that I got stuck. I wish I’d read his post then, but never mind, back on the wagon.

The interesting thing is that the book is about the hero’s journey. If you read Austin’s post you will see that he does not like the word journey for the art process. Making art is not linear.

But then again there is a pattern.

Buy 1000 Valium Online

Once you are in that “special world” there is really no turning back and going forward there are just tests and ordeals. Until you get through, till you are on the road back.

No way am I through with my project.  I’m facing tests and ordeals. And here is a page I’ve got of just that.

Purchasing Valium Online

This is reflexive moment on the journey.  I’m illustrating the trouble I’m in.  Back to groundhog day.


BTW there are plenty of Buy Diazepam Nz.  One Can I Buy Valium Over The Counter In Canada features the slogan Eat, Sleep, Blog, Repeat.



Valium Online India

In 2012 I wrote this post:

Buy Cheap Valium Uk Online

Indeed why do I have these two blogs – the other one Buy Diazepam Online Usa is about art and art online. My art.

I’m thinking of importing that one into this one – but found it quite hard to do it. It is an identity thing. I’m more a psychodrama person than a Psyberspace person these days. Dropped psychotherapy online. But is it an art blog? I’m wring a book called D R A M A Buying Valium Online Australia

It is not that I’m importing one blog into another – I’m integrating two identities I have. I think it will be good for me!

Its done!

Some categories to fix, and that is it. ONE

Now what to call the site?

Psyberspace (that can stay) Walter Logeman’s Journal

And the details & history can go in the new About

Later Monday 29 Jan 18

Also found this on the integration theme

Valium Mastercard