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Since my project Buy Zepose Valium I have continued to sketch.  Digital painting – but I like the term sketch.  Many of these are on my Buy Valium OverseasThat site is still there but I’ve deprecated it and tried to integrate it into this blog.  It’s a bit of a mess. Still, this blog becomes an art blog when you click the Valium 20 Mg Online. Valium Online Uk delivers just my own work.

I’m warming up to posting more.  I’ve beed reflecting on the delicacy of nature, and the crudeness of humanity’s sometimes beautiful desire to transcend itself.  This began with Valium For Sale Online…  natural textures of landscape cut by something I think of as human presence, fast and bold.

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That’s 12 years ago. “Green Peace”

Here is a recent one – not in the earth cross series but maybe in a new one.

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Maybe it is called “Science”, or “Civilisation”.  Playing on the theme of putting borders or frames around art.

Do I put these in the container?  or are they better left wild?

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Itchy pen.



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I will be conducting a personal development weekend beginning the evening of Friday 26 to Sunday 28 April 2019

This is a great opportunity to take a new step in your personal development.  This will be a time to attend fully and deeply to what is important to you.  If you come as a couple, attend to your relationship in a supportive group. The workshop will help you focus, break through blocks, incubate new plans, make promises to yourself.

I have been conducting these weekend workshops regularly for the past few years and I’m looking forward to this one, I expect it will be a special, productive experience. See below for more details and a link to the flyer. I hope to see you aboard!

That was the email I just sent out,  I like the subject line!  It is not quite a USP — I don’t have that yet.  Maybe there is a need for a USP and then these occasional evocative lines.  What would a copy writer say?

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