Collecting flowers

I have made many images of flowers, grasses and bush. I make these on my iPad. Before that it was on a Toshiba M300 which I still miss. Some of the collection here is from A project that covered a year from 2006 to 2007. Im sue I’ll find a few that have never been on the internet. And im still making them. The first one is yesterday’s effort.


Not a flower exactly but I live in a paddock

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This is the 100 year anniversary of Sociometry!


The year 1933 may have been the official, but the year 1923 was the conceptual origin of sociometry ; it was the publication date of my book Das Stegreiftheater which contained the seeds of many of the ideas which later brought sociometry to fame .


J. L.Moreno, 1978 edition, “Who Shall Survive?” p xiv






Grasping the big picture of a relationship.

Just as every cause is a part of its effect and every effect a part of its cause, every underlying structure partakes of the peripheral and vice versa.
                                                                                             (Moreno 1941)

Paradoxically the big picture may be evident early on in couple therapy, even in the initial text, email or phone contact. There is a connection between visible and obvious level and the hidden “sociometric matrix” that is revealed upon investigation. The beginning of things is evident at the end, and the end is present at the beginning. That is a dialectical and holistic approach to the couple’s life and to the therapy itself. Continue reading “Grasping the big picture of a relationship.”

ChatGPT3 says “AI will concentrate wealth and power in the hands of a small elite”

Here is a discussion with Chatgpt3 today, concluding with the headline above”

What do you know about the dialectical relationship between base and superstructure

The concept of the dialectical relationship between base and superstructure comes from Marxist theory and refers to the idea that the economic base of a society (including its mode of production, social relations, and means of production) determines its superstructure (including its legal system, political institutions, cultural norms, and ideology).

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Energy AI

Below is the exploration with Open AI today.


Describe theories of energy flow, east and west

Eastern: Eastern theories of energy flow in the body focus on the concept of chi, or qi, which is believed to be a life-force energy that flows through the body in pathways known as meridians. These pathways are believed to be connected to the organs, and when the chi is blocked or out of balance, physical or emotional health issues can arise. Practices such as acupuncture, acupressure, and qigong are used to unblock and balance the chi.

Western: Western theories of energy flow in the body focus on the concept of bioelectricity, or the electrical signals that are generated by the body’s cells. This energy is believed to be important for the functioning of the body’s systems, and when it is out of balance, physical or emotional health issues can arise. Practices such as biofeedback, neurofeedback, and energy healing are used to balance the bioelectricity in the body.

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Reflections on Writing – finding focus

Public and private
I’m not writing much here in Psyberspace.  I’m  not writing much at all.  I am however a prolific note maker in Obsidian – one year in.  Love it.  But individual private notes are one thing and writing  for the public another.

Obsidian is my PKM app, and I do think Personal Knowledge Management is something for us to learn.  To learn to learn.  It happened before privet notes take over… be it Evernote or

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Psychodrama with Walter Logeman & Kate Tapley

Five Thursday Evenings every Term in 2023

Love. Living life to the full. Finding meaning. Global and spiritual matters. Conflict, grief and illness. Examine and be challenged by matters of importance to you in these evening workshops. You can expect to gain a deeper awareness of yourself and others. Learn to be spontaneous, courageous and effective in relationships. We will use psychodrama to explore themes relevant to you and the group. If you are in a couple relationship you are both invited to attend. No previous group experience is necessary.

Walter and Kate co-lead this group.




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Great to be on holiday and stumbe lazily on my blog.

We are staying on our land at Fernside. Did a sketch.