The early subtitle to this blog was “exploring the psych in cyberspace.”  Now: Walter Logeman: Journal.  Ideas, psychodrama Art and personal stuff, anything goes.


The category Psyber has early material about the psych in cyberspace.


I write personal notes. Life story. I add them to the Journal category.

World – I get political.





I took graphical turn in 2006-7 and I did a Thousand Sketches, a project I completed in one year.  Continued that interest in this blog.

I am working on making the Writing page on this blog the clearing house for all that I have online.

More about me here.


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  1. Dear new friend of http://www.futureprimitive.org

    Another great interview-podcast. This time a conversation with Ruth Gendler:

    Ruth Gendler is an artist, writer, and teacher committed to the transformational potential of the arts. Her experience with the rhythms of creativity is evidenced by a diverse background in art, writing, publishing, teaching, and lecturing. She is the author of “The Book of Qualities” and “Notes on the Need for Beauty” and the editor of “Changing Light: The Eternal Cycle of Night and Day”. “The Book of Qualities”, now in its 40th printing, has been adapted as a two act theater piece and translated into German, Japanese, and Chinese, as well as being widely excerpted in literary, psychological and educational publications.

    Warm regards
    Jose Luis G. Soler
    Production Assistant

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