Psyberspace is a Journal of ideas and life stories. I began writing here 1996.  Around 2010 I discovered I have six life streams.  They are mirrored in this weblog.  Here  are the six with links under each, to categories, tags and posts.


I use the word ‘Bush’ for for what in Australia we called it bushwalking, I’m a bushwalker. It’s an identity I developed in my teens. It’s never gone away.  I do more walking in the bush than is evident here.  This walking, climbing, mountaineering, tramping, camping and travel aspect is huge in my life but minimal in this blog, as I championed the  psyche in cyberspace.

[The feature img above is Mt. Lyford where we have a holiday home and I roam the hills.}

Category Bush. All the posts come up, the most recent first.
Tag Index of the Bush category. You might find what you are looking for.

Bush (The Post). I muse on my Life Stream.



No category for words.  It’s all words. But note:

Category Psyber

The category Psyber has early material about the psych in cyberspace.


I write personal notes. Life story. I add them to the Journal category.

World – I get political.





I took graphical turn in 2006-7 and I did a Thousand Sketches, a project I completed in one year.  Continued that interest in this blog.

I am working on making the Writing page on this blog the clearing house for all that I have online.

More about me here.