Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies

“The Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies is an online, not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to research, study, teach, support, and create diverse and dynamic elements of cyberculture. Collaborative in nature, RCCS seeks to establish and support ongoing conversations about the emerging field, to foster a community of students, scholars, teachers, explorers, and builders of cyberculture, and to showcase various models, works-in-progress, and on-line projects.”

This is a good resource – I have looked at the Book of he month page for years, but did not know what site it was on.


Cyber English ®

A swag of interesting links here:

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I hate the ads – especially now they are on top of the emails – but this must still be the path to the future of groups online. Is there a more public or open source alternative?