PSYCHODRAMA: What is it?

Here is a statement from the ASGPP, collecting these to help with the wording of a brochure I am writing for Supervision Training. The training will use Psychodrama as a training method.


Conceived and developed by Jacob L. Moreno, MD, psychodrama employs guided dramatic action to examine problems or issues raised by an individual (psychodrama) or a group (sociodrama). Using experiential methods, sociometry, role theory, and group dynamics, psychodrama facilitates insight, personal growth, and integration on cognitive, affective, and behavioral levels. It clarifies issues, increases physical and emotional well being, enhances learning and develops new skills.

What is Psychodrama

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Here is a paragraph from the The Federation of Psychodrama Training Institutes in New Zealand (FTINZ) site:

What is Psychodrama

Psychodrama is the name given by J.L. Moreno to the method he developed for helping people become more creative in day to day living. It has applications in many different areas in which people are learning, changing and relating to others, in training, education, healing, spiritual life, business, performing arts and in organisations. Practitioners of this powerful method integrate all levels of a human being: their thinking, their intellect, their imagination, their feelings and their actions in their social context. In this way, learning is able to be applied directly in actual living situations at work, outside the home, in other organizations and in close relationships.

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The page is good too, not sure if the general criticism is needed of other modes of work, though I agree with what I is saying; the first paragraph follows:

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