NSW Rivers in a State of Shock

This looks to be the most organised group I can find opposing the destruction of the Dharawal reserve.

Rivers SOS,
PO Box 73, Douglas Park,
NSW 2569
Enquiries to: riverssos@riverssos.com

Rivers SOS

NSW Rivers in a State of Shock Rivers SOS is an alliance of over 40 environmental and community groups concerned with the wrecking of rivers in New South Wales by mining operations.

Dharawal State Conservation Area

Further info re previous post:  I hope the National Parks and Wildlife Service has some clout and can be effective to stop coal mining in this area.

DECC | Dharawal State Conservation Area:

A beautiful and distinctive network of creeks, including the ecologically important O’Hares Creek catchment, make Dharawal a special place to visit. Swim in the peaceful creeks and rock pools, enjoy the superb waterfalls, or ride your mountain bike on signposted trails in the park. Birdwatchers will love the prolific bird life.