Tag: Dialectics

  • Earth Crosses — Prints at Grater Goods coming up!

    A series of six prints on thick A2 cotton paper selected from Gallery — Earth Crosses The Earth Crosses images are a series that began as my Thousand Sketches project ended. The last image of the 1000 was #1000 Departing Force and it is part of this exhibition. The images are a dialogue between the horizontal […]

  • Slavoj Žižek, Quantum and Dialectics

    “The idea that knowing changes reality is what quantum physics shares with both psychoanalysis (for which interpretation has effects in the real) and historical materialism”. Slavoj Žižek – quoted on Redit That is a great little paragraph! * width=”364″ height=”572″ From Medium article by Paul Austin Murphy A useful read!! * I wish they had […]

  • Pace Layer Thinking : Theory of Change

    Pace Layers Thinking: Paul Saffo and Stewart Brand @ The Interval — January 27, 02015 Wonderful podcast. Great exposition of an idea that came through looking at houses and then could be generalised. The thinking applies to design as well as social change. The image gives the idea: ~~~ I think of other theories of […]