George Pór has the audactity to think big.  I see more and more of this around.  Revolution is not a silly idea as it was for a few decades.  Clearly current civilisation is unsustainable and heading for a cropper.  What will come of it?  What can we do? 

There’s Something Happening Here… « emergent by design:

We can bet on the collapse of what is, or on the self-organizing collective consciousness and intelligence of the multitudes maturing into the wiser social system of the future, replacing the status quo. Our strategy and action may not be that different regardless what we are betting on, or it may.

In either case, we can increase the likelihood of becoming more relevant to what is happening here, if we manage to ground our assessment of what is in coupling our passion f0r the Big Shift with a collaborative, systemic analysis of what needs to happen next.

Red Green?

Trotsky’s Views On Dialectical Materialism:

Pragmatism, empiricism, is the greatest curse of American thought.

I have added the tags “emergence, coherence” to this post as the “dialectics” in materialism foreshadows these conceptions. It is so unfashionable to see a big picture, it is in the ruling class interest to obscure that there is a big picture, or to make it appear that it is a static one, “human nature”, “reality”. Dynamic processes are not discovered through looking at the trees, one must see the woods.

Dialectical materialism gets a lot right when it comes to seeing the big picture. Much of the language is dated and some of the science was current at the time, but has been superseded (as one would expect in a dynamic world).

I’ve found the work of John Bellamy Foster was able to re-kindle a sense of the value of dialectical materialism – or to put it another way: ecology.

Marx’s Ecology – Monthly Review Press:

MARX’S ECOLOGY Materialism and Nature by John Bellamy Foster

More from him here:


This is an important idea.  The whole idea of how change works in human affairs is a science that is developing fast and urgently needed.

Not out yet but on Amazon for pre-order.

The outline – very full – of the book on Emergence by Peggy Holman is on this site. 

Book Outline « Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity:

This book offers a theory and practice for working with upheaval and uncertainty. It connects what scientists are learning about emergent complexity with experiences change practitioners have from engaging organizations and communities in addressing their needs. This intersection could be called “applied emergence”.

Also by this Author: The Change Handbook.  Amazon)