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Egon Schiele 1890 – 1918

I saw a portrait on someone’s wall in a Youtube video, it was weirdly enticing.  Reverse searched the image and found him. Now months later I he came up in a Youtube video on artists influenced by van Gogh (see my post).  That got me to put together this ‘home page’, for this remarkable man who died so young.   I like all of his works, but ‘like’ is not the right word, lots of it just disturb me.  But the landscapes and flowers are a delight.

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Vincent van Gogh 1853-1890

I’ve mentioned Vincent van Gogh in a few posts in my blog.  He is important in my life in that I grew up with him. He was an artist I liked from the start, we had a book at home.  Of course, we were from Amsterdam.  Also saw a great movie while quite young – well before the Kirk Douglas one.  Read Lust for Life.

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Toss Woolaston

The last post had bush paintings that relate to my growing up in Australia. But I love Aotearoa New Zealand — where I have spent most of my life. The bush is different. If you have a big screen click this painting by Toss Woolaston.

More from Woolaston in the Gallery that follows.

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Bush Paintings – including two of mine.

Nolan, Boyd, Fred Williams and two of mine. Australia as I have it in my bones.

Sixteen images follow:



Ink sketches I do with the kids. Made it into a slideshow

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Louise Henderson — Christchurch Art Gallery

Click Image for larger images

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Streeton Exhibition in Sydney


Arthur Streeton exhibition at the Art Gallery on NSW . (Dead Link)

If I were flying I’d love to see this exhibition in November.

I inherited a Heidelberg School book from my father, it’s full of Streeton and familiar to me. Australian impressionism.

Later: August 2021
Streeton gallery follows:

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Walk home – autumn dusk Christchurch


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Kōji Kakinuma

Just discovered Kōji. Wow. I love this stuff.

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