Email on iPhone Question

I have my own email server and use pop3 from that in Thunderbird on the PC. I have used Gmail to backup all my email on the web. I have not used the Gmail account other than that until now.

I have synced my Gmail with the iPhone. That works well. I can do things on the iPhone and they are also done on the Web.


I would also like to have Thunderbird, managed in the same way synced in with the Gmail. I need an offline mirror of my email as I have poor web access at times.


Obviously IMAP or something is needed, that is available through my web host.

Just what is involved there? Any recommendations?

Later: Monday, 29 September, 2008

I have used DreamHost to move my email ovewr to Gmail Imap. I access it through Thunderbird. on the PC, all seems to work OK. Filtering like mad to get just what I want in the inbox, working pretty well! There are still some confusing folders but I’ll get there I think.