Pokaka – calendar the house at Mt. Lyford

I have embedded a Google calendar on our Pokaka site.  Trying it here in WordPress.  I’ll be amazed if the Gloogle Calender shows up here, but it does on the Pokaka website: http://www.lyfordtreks.co.nz/pokaka Click the link on the bottom of the page to go to the Calendar page.

Later:  No, WordPress stripped it out, so it only works on webpages. But there it works very well! So have a look you may want to spend a night in our fantastic house in the hills!

Vision & Hope

E-Myth Worldwide:

A business without a vision is directionless. It lacks purpose. It lacks the essential idea from which commitment, growth, and the sense of personal achievement arrive and flourish. But a vision without a plan is only a hope. A vision needs a plan to make it come alive, to make it a reality.

A nice quote & bigger than just a business slogan. Kate & I have been working on our business  plan & Kate made a good distinction between Vision & Strategic Objective.
 The Vision is how it Looks. The Strategic Objective  includes the hidden means, it is like the difference behoove the picture of a house and the sketches of how the details work under the tiles & the cladding.


Meet the Horses and Ponies: Thymie

” I am called Thymie. I am the oldest, and the boss of the herd, yet the gentlest of everyone. I was born in 1984.I have had a successful, though short, trotting racing career as well. My racing name was Lotsa Time, and I am so gentle, and therapeutic that Kate spelled the Time part after a lovely herb to capture my healing essence.”
Here is one of the pages from the site – which i have enjoyed making. The business is going well! We are loving the newness of our life – which is very different from how it was. The transitions have been hard.