Relative seclusion of their former world


Found my copy of War & Peace in the Global Village Amazon Wikipedia thinking about the “ten thunders” and how they relate to Marx’s historical materialism.

Have not sorted that one just yet, but love reading the opening of the book again… and how true the discussion about the fear of cyberspace sounds today. Even as we are fully in the new space of the technology it shifts so fast for us to feel the fear each day. Today I was feeling it in relation to sandboxing on the Mac, ah they might fuck up my environment, just as I’m getting used to it!

And notice the bit from Finnigan’s Wake (which today I read as Fun Again Wake up!)

… Those


which are



of them-


FW 298

Probably written about a century before Flickr but drawing to the same source I imagine, flicks of energy, light, nothing, everything, eternal, gone.

Might see how it looks in its context, sometime/maybe.