Afghanistan – NYT with Google

Interesting page, finally New York Times has a page that makes sense online! I guess it will update as life goes on, an interesting development.  It might help both their business models but not the world.  Here is a more pertinent summary.

The War in Afghanistan:

Summary: In a major policy move, President Obama has committed 30,000 more United States troops to Afghanistan but added he would begin drawing out American forces there starting in July 2011. But administration officials have since scrambled to defend that withdrawal schedule. Some lawmakers voiced skepticism. Mr. Obama’s decision is likely to prove to be a defining one for his administration. The policy also leaves unanswered the question of whether Afghan President Hamid Karzai will met the challenge and how to respond if he does not. The strategy’s success may ultimately be determined in an unruly region that straddles the Afghan-Pakastani border.