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Conversations on a City

With the art Gallery out of action this is a wonderfully innovative exhibit. I was moved to see that with many of these buildings gone, their heritage can survive.

IMG 1811

IMG 1769

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Image Management on Blogs

I’ve jumped around a bit with how to store photos on my blogs. Flickr seemed good as it tied in with an instant community, but uploading to flickr is not quick, and getting the photos back to show in a post is a bit messy. WordPress uploads (to WordPress on my server) seemed ok for a while but it is too complex. I also had some flash based displays & uploads that were ok. But now I am experimenting with putting them all on my own server just with FTP and using open source Zenphotos. It seems I am more in control and it is quick with FTP.

The 2010 image are here.

In 2011 I will link back from the photos site to the blog posts as well. As I’ve already done on the one new photo in the album:


Paris by Night

Brassai –

Brassai (Gyula Halasz) Open Gutter From “Paris by Night” (1933)

Art Journal

Sydney Experience – Art Gallery

IMG_6251, originally uploaded by Waltzzz.

Having a great time in Sydney. Gallery yesterday. The above is one of quite a few from the Gallery of NSW posted into a set on Flickr.