The Pre-Raphaelite Dream

Dunedin Art Gallery:

The Pre-Raphaelites are renowned for their rejection of the everyday, often rather sentimental subject matter of much 19th century British painting. They favoured subjects derived from literary sources and medieval romance, and used vivid colour and lyrical forms for dramatic and emotional effect.

I am interested in this as it has a resonence with my own psychological bent. I imagine those words dont really reflect how the Pre-Raphaelites would
have described themselves.

I will be going to the exhibition I imagine, and have enrolled in the course here at the Uni:

(5 evening sessions and an optional weekend gallery visit)

Course Code: QPR01

This five-evening course looks at the fascinating 19th-century British art movement that is showcased in the exhibition showing at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery this spring. The widely recognised Pre-Raphaelite style will be examined and explained, with both its familiar and its lesser-known concerns and aspects such as the Gothic revival, Italian poetry, the Arts and Crafts and the heroines of literature coming in for special attention.