One month ago I completed the Thousand Sketches project. That bought to a close a life changing year. A Thousand Sketches in one year on a Tablet PC,  it took a few weeks longer than a year and it led me to give up my day job in psychotherapy for 4 months, travel to the USA and New York. It took over my life.

I will continue to add to the Thousand Sketches blog as the story continues as the project has its life. Life as there are exhibitions of one sort or another, news items and more ways in which the digital images find physical form. New insights, and new projects might also stem from that foundation year.

I’ll continue to write in my longstanding Psyberspace blog. I have been popping the odd post-thousand-sketches sketch in there, but the focus of that blog is where psyche &cyberspace meet. I envisage that as a very broad realm, and am happy to journal away in there about most things, but today I wanted a new blog.

This is a journal about my art. Nothing but art, artists, art talk, art history, art philosophy, pictures and projects. This is the first post, and fittingly begins with reference to the last art project, and the last of the 1000 sketches. I have no current art project but will write about one moment to the next. Coming up is my workshop with Jane Zusters in January and an art history course at Canterbury.