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Therapeutic Ethics in the Digital Age – When the Whole World is Watching

By Ofer Zur

This article in the Psychotherapy Networker makes some useful points. I found some useful, but I don’t think of myself as an immigrant in the digital world! That is who he addresses.

The revolution in communication technology has created a new set of ethical dilemmas, which—given the pervasiveness of Internet culture—are invading our sessions, whether we know it or not.

The question that got me thinking is When to Google a client?


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This might be of interest:

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Stephen White Blog

Stephen White compares himself to his therapist character Alan Gregory:

First, he has the benefit of all my years of experience. And second, I get to think about his lines as long as I’d like. Real patients never offer that luxury.

That is where psychotherapy online has a bit of an edge too!

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New Zealand Herald item

New Zealand News – – Online Therapy

“Another local online therapist is Kennedy’s mate, psychotherapist Walter Logeman, who started up Psybernet, a site dedicated to “exploring the psyche in cyberspace”.

Barry says wise things and I am also in the news!

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August 2021

to be clear… this was 21 years ago.  I did that work for decades and loved it .  I could do so again.  But not now.  Other projects occupy my life. Training psychodrama, running groups .




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