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Rory Remer, Ph.D., Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology, University of Kentucky
Abstract: The original formulation of Morenean sociometry has been, for the most part, modified. Consequently, a question arises about the effectiveness of that formulation relative to its derivatives. In this article, I make a delineation between Morenean (strong) sociometry and other adaptationse, aiming at a revitalization of Moreno’s theory.

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Links to papers I have (or items on the web) related to Jung, Hillman, archetypal and other depth material.

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The Unity of Psyche and World
by Donald H. Wolfraim Ph.D.

Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, (1875-1961) was
deeply interested in establishing a scientific foundation for his
psychological theories regarding the …


A mattress company with a dream resource page!


A mattress company with a dream resource page!

Psychology of Dreams:

Psychology of Dreams Dreams are a sequential series of thoughts, images, and sounds that pass through the human mind during sleep. Dreams have a long history of theories and meanings, including both superstitious and scientific reasoning. Some believed they were divine messages from a god or a path to understanding the human unconscious. Some have even dismissed them as meaningless chemical reactions within the brain. The topic of dreams has always been subject to speculation and are still not fully understood.