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A few years ago I distilled the main areas of my life.  What interests me.  Areas I just can’t neglect.  Areas that need my attention and love.

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The psychological and the social

Psychodrama and sociodrama; psychodramatic roles and social roles.  What is the difference?

What is not the difference:  Psyche is “inner” and social is “outer”.

Psychodrama is about the social and cultural atom.  Is there a psychological atom? I don’t think so.

Psyche psychotherapy Video

Dr. James Hillman Live at Mythic Journeys

Dr. James Hillman Live at Mythic Journeys Part 1

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C.G. Jung and the Red Book

C. G. Jung and the Red BookLectures presented by Dr. Lance S. Owens

via C.G. Jung and the Red Book.

I’ve downloaded a couple of the Audio… could be interesting.

It is book worth owning, but big to ship!



James Hillman – interview Scott London

On Soul, Character and Calling:
A Conversation with James Hillman
By Scott London

Psyche Resources World

Psyche & World – Resources

Politics and psychological explorations, climate and psychodrama, politilal dialogues; links to items of that nature.

Resource post.

Cognitive and Behavioral Challenges in Responding to climate Change.pdf

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The archetypal imagination in new realms of ensoulment


This paper actually reworks some of the ideas in an earlier paper I wrote here called “Cyberspace: Shadow of the Cultural Imagination?” It was inspired by a meeting between my class at Pacifica Graduate Institute and James Hillman.

This is the same article linked to below in a different place – perhaps not quite?