Light on, light off?

I have used Corel Paint, Photoshop, Deep Paint and may other programs but the most innovative and surprising is ArtRage 2. Just updated it today with an update and learnt about a new feature, or perhaps it was always there? I wish I knew about it when I was doing my Thousand Sketches . F5 turns the light on or off. I am not really blogging a feature. It is the concept behind the feature that interests me.

Have a look at this one from here :


#310 Salvaged
Click for larger image.

This was done in Deep Paint, one of the best to achieve that 3d effect. That is what “Light on” does it creates a computer generated effect lighting up the brush strokes as if they had thickness.

Sometimes that is fun, but is it fake!

I think the use of 2D is just fine. It is 2D. Light of for authenticity.

Here is a quick go with light on and off, spot the difference?

More thoughts on space & 3d coming up.