Ex Libris



I like these images, I like the idea of using old books.

I like beeswax.

I want to make prins that have something of this feel.

I will put this whole post on my psyberspace blog because it has the Imago word, an in depth approach to the co-unconscious in relationships.

These assemblages are made
made from the covers of used
books. I seek out those that
bring their own history –
inscriptions, notations, signs
signs of wear and amateur
mending – poignant glimpses
into the previous owners’ lives.
When dipped into melted
beeswax, the papers become
translucent, and unexpected
details emerge. Sometimes
the paper on the inside covers
tear in a way that suggests
landscape, and I add to these
readymade images, painting
the moon in various phases
and hand-lettering appropriate
words from a Latin dictionary.
On some, I add tiny diamonds,
to suggest stars or lights.