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I downloaded the ebook to my phone. I’d seen a few poor reviews mainly saying it was a re-hash. It is in some ways but the simplification of the steps into two groups: Control steps & Perspective steps is elegant! Worth the price of the book IMO.

The Matrix diagram is useful, but the next one covering the 11 steps is the essence of simplicity.

As I read the book I am slightly tweaking my system as I go. It is beginning to work well for me. After several years of GTDing I have almost got a system I trust! Shifting from Palm amd the PC to iPhone has made a big difference.

David Allen suggests that there is a qualitative leap when the mind is truly freed of having to do the tasks the *systems* should do. I’m getting close.

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A portrait of ARIA award-winning blind musician Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu has won this year’s Archibald Prize.

Guy Maestri’s close-up of Yunupingu’s face was the bookies’ favourite ahead of today’s announcement at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

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ko wai au

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Kahukiwa began painting as a young housewife in Greymouth in the late 1960s. A belief in whakapapa underpins her work: ‘My identity in things Maori is made possible because of my ancestors. It exists because of whakapapa, tribal culture and tradition. My links with the past are as important to me as the fact of my being, my future and the future of my children.’

Te Papa holds eighteen works by Robyn Kahukiwa.

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I continue to hold an hypothesis that the behaviour of particles is a microcosm of human relationships. Not just as a metaphor, but that something of the “tele” involved is the same in both levels.

Listening to Diazepam Order Zolpidem confirms and extends this hypothesis. But hypothesis aside – it is ASTOUNDING stuff!

Synchronistically I just had this one arrive from the Buy Zepose Valium, have not listened yet.