GroupSense Online Groups


“Online Groups enable people to work, learn and build shared knowledge-bases together at their own time, their own place and their own pace. Online Groups foster and facilitate innovation, learning, collaboration and knowledge-sharing.
GroupSense partners with organisations to establish self-sustaining Online Groups that achieve specific purposes.

Online Groups use simple technology that requires only standard email. GroupSense provides Planning, Design, Training and Hosting to establish Participation Habits that maximise the value of each Online Group.”

This is my friend & colleague Dan Randow’s site. Business is thriving, and I am pleased to be working with the team as a part time consultant. I have been in on discussions and planning from the start but only this year have I begun to work professionally, as a host. The GroupSense approach makes sense – it is essential to work with *people first*, it is only from knowing people and the organisation that we can design the group structure and format.

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