Online Learning

To be effective, online courses must do two things, says Fernando Senior, an instructional designer recently hired by the University of Minnesota’s distance-education department. They must focus on learners, and they must capitalize on the medium. In other words, students should demonstrate learning in different ways than they might in a classroom, because they have at hand the tools to do so.

… Constructing such rich learning environments wouldn’t be possible without technology, say its enthusiasts, but to make courses this sophisticated, schools are tapping project-management teams. And these bring their own set of pros and cons to education.

On the plus side, instructors say that working with teams makes them better teachers, and that different perspectives enhance their courses. They say they also see a difference in what students take away from their work: “Students take much more responsibility for their own learning and use the online environment to supplement and enhance their learning experiences,” says Trisha Swan

Wisdom here. Good article.

The site it comes from is worth noting too: ComputerUser
Many articles on file and I can flick them straight into the Palm! Beautifully done.

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