Free Software Politics and Advocacy

Free Software Politics and Advocacy

“I’m interested in linking the free software movement with the struggle for social justice and developing the synergies between them, and in connecting free software with freedom of information issues in other areas.”


There are good reasons for free software… free as in that it can freely flow through cyberspace and develop and grow as it moves without it becoming proprietory and closed source on the way. The GNU Licences can make it so.

  • it can evolve more flexibly and be more functional – it develops according to USE value – it is better
  • it can be available to more people – poorer people
  • it prevents the alienation of the people creating the work from the ownership of it
  • it’s inner workings are visible, hence the learning is inherent in the product – the tools are at the same time educational tools and toys
  • it is a model of how cooperation is possible and an inspiration for people working without the constraints of the profit motive
  • anyone can re-build any program anyway they like and hence it enhances creativity
  • it is an example of how technology changes the relations of production – and bodes well for the future of production

So much for the social and political…

Psychologically… the virtual world, the mindspace, the context for the expression of out thoughts and feelings, the context for their *meaning*, feels and is different and better without a company brand name on it. Do we enter a Microsoft world – a Disney world – a neon lit suburbia – when we enter psyberspace – or can it be a national park? The commons? If we win this we will have different dreams and the anti-technology people will no-longer be right when they say there is no soul here.

Yes, we do social/political things for psychological ends (alluding to)

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