The Psychology of Cyberspace

The Psychology of Cyberspace

The purpose of this online hypertext book is to explore the psychological dimensions of environments created by computers and online networks. It is intended as an evolving conceptual framework for understanding the various psychological components of cyberspace and how people react to and behave within it. This framework is the basis for my ongoing research on what I call “the psychology of cyberspace” – or simply “cyberpsychology.” I hope it will serve as a useful framework for other researchers as well. Continually being revised and expanded, this hypertext book originally was created in January of 1996.

A thorough and useful site, i have looked at it and linked to it many times. I am currently working on an article and will need to pop into John’s site.

Even though the approach here is not in my own preferred Jungian or archetypal tradition there are items that I find thought provoking e.g:

Black Hole

Cyberspace as Psychological Space

When one experiences cyberspace as this extension of one’s mind – as a transitional space between self and other – the door is thrown wide open for all sorts of fantasies and transference reactions to be projected into this space. Under ideal conditions, people use this as an opportunity to better understand themselves, as a path for exploring their identity as it engages the identity of other people. Under less than optimal conditions, people use this psychological space to simply vent or act out their fantasies and the frustrations, anxieties, and desires that fuel those fantasies.

He has a great story about the: “The True and Essential Self” (search google with quote marks intact.)

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