Immediast Manifesto

Seizing The Media
The Immediast Underground Pamphlet Series – Spring 1992 – Immediast International – New York City / Amsterdam / Seattle – Version 1.1 N © Copyright; 1992. Public Domain.

Towards An Ecology Of Information – The Immediast Approach

0. Participating in the proliferation, crosspollination, and consolidation of counter-commercial print, audio, visual, modem, activist, and correspondence media.

1. Documenting the basic sources, dynamics, and effects of corporate and State media control. Exposing methods of mind control, behavior modification, and image embedding.

2. Openly discussing tools and methods that strengthen immunization and freedom from deceptive, disinforming, and subliminal media exposures.
Upgrading public media literacy to decode, produce, and broadcast in all communications media.

3. Open cultural expressions, education, networking and resistance.

4. Reclaiming public sovereignty of the airwaves.

5. The liberation of all public space from government, corporate, and business messages.

6. Public takeover of all airborne commercial broadcast media and the creation of public production libraries.

7. Liberation as glasnost: the emergence of democratic public communications and media networks.

What a noble manifesto.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

added a copy of the whole page for posterity:


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