Great Southern Land Lyrics – Icehouse

Great Southern Land, in the sleeping sun
you walk alone with the ghost of time
they burned you black, black against the ground
and they make it work with rocks and sand
I hear the sound of the stanger’s voices
I see their hungry eyes, their hungry eyes
Great Southern Land, Great Southern Land
you walk alone, like a primitive man
you walk alone with the ghost of time
and they burned you black
yeah, they burned you black
Great Southern Land

I have roots in that land. I heard the author speak about the first long note in that song, listening to him talk bought me back for a look. It is inspired by the the vast width flying from Sydney to Perth. I have flown that a few times! Vast sunburnt. I am not sure I really get the words but I sense an awe of of the land intertwined with the original people.

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