In this moment – perverted

In this moment… Perverted
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Long Views » Blog Archive » Jon Ippolito and Joline Blais, “At the Edge of Art”

Art, like the antibodies in our immune system, creates alien forces in service of the whole. It anticipates threats and models them. It is a diversity agent.

Two forms of that process were explained and shown by Ippolito and Blais: perversion, and execution.

Here is an image of this blog, In this moment… perverted by shredder… It really is of the moment, I’ll do another some time later.

They are saying some interesting things here, diversity agent is a nice phrase, they point to what art can do, but there is more to it, of course. I want to point to the way art reveals the invisible. Their examples show that but they use a biological analogy. I prefer a psychological one, say “royal road” … which takes us beyond the social, functions of art more quickly.

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