Blue pill or Red pill psychotherapy

Perhaps you are almost falling out of the consensus world, and becoming more conscious, challenging those around you in ways they don’t like. Maybe you are getting closer to the underlying truth of your life. You don’t need to obey, and nor do you need to harm others to be who you really are. But you may need to *develop new roles*, it could be hard, unpleasant. Maybe you are not very good yet at getting around in the place where you are more real.

How will therapy help you?

Ease you back into the matrix? Help you into the more authentic world where you will feel more vulnerable?

Which way do you want to go?

I think most psychotherapists will ask you that question – after all sometimes the easier more pleasant path is all you can manage for now. For now… inauthentic life is not really an option is it?


How do the social scientists measure the effectiveness of psychotherapy? Or more to the point how do insurance people measure it?

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