Diana Meredith – digital artist

I am pleased to have found Diana’s blog. Some fine digital art.

She talks of going from Digital to analog. A process that has me stopped in my tracks right now!

Quotes & Image follow

I have been working in digital for about 15 years now. When I came to Photoshop 3, I immediately took to it as a place to mix photography and the painted/drawn image. Probably the single most attractive quality in Photoshop was the possibilities that layering offered. I didn’t have a lot of experience with analog painting, just a little bit working with acrylics and gouache. Most of my analog art making has been very three dimensional: clay, papier-mâché and plastic sculpture with some fiber work thrown in. But as I have kept going with digital, I keep returning to aspects of analog image making. I find that I always bring useful learning back to digital from these analog journeys.

I am impressed with the look of the wild prints.


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