This blog is not called Psyberspace for nothing. I have all sorts of phases of enthusiasm, and they wax and wane, but “exploring the psyche in cyberspace” is always present. My sense if that the iPhone has enabled a shift in the “space”. The Palm initially untethered me from the PC, but the iPhone makes good where Palm lost the plot. I have had my phone for a few days but feel very liberated… esp in the reading dept. I am writing this on the PC, I can’t do it on a phone, but reading is another story, it is great, and I do it in bed, in cafes, waiting in lines.

The net is adapting to the phone in a way that is quite remarkeable, surfing on the palm was almost impossible, and very wew sites optimised for Palms. But with this new gadget it is different! Cyberspace is making a shift, perhaps not quite everting, but moving from the mud onto land.

I find myself reading the following all optimised for the iPhone in some way, I will post more specific reading reviews, partly to get more familiar with the various, sometimes complex processes to get stuff on the phone.

  • Books
  • Blogs in a feed reader
  • iWPhoned WordPress blogs
  • Wikipedia via an app
  • Amazon, optimised automatically, good for reading reviews.
  • Web Pages optimised through Instapaper

All in all it is pretty good! I could add Twitter & Facebook, though that is not really reading, but they work well!

PS Imagemaking is also liberated with a touch screen, I will write that up in an iSketch category on my Art Blog.

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