I have forgotten when and where it was they died

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I have already posted this as part of the Earth Crosses series. It does not have an entry of its own, and I wanted one to have a name for this image, I just printed it out and I want to name it.

Title: War

That is accurate but it adds nothing.

The lines from Maori Battalion Veteran by Alistair Te Ariki Campbell say it better…

… I have nightmares.
Night and day I see pictures
of my closest mates falling
beside me in so many battles
I have forgotten when and where
it was they died

Title: “I have forgotten when and where
it was they died”


I think of my fathers story, he was in the five day war over Holland with Germany in August 1940. He saw his mates die.

I also think of the war reports I see every day of my life … death tolls, I forget how many.

Yet the image takes me to the here and now feeling of life & death within me, where war is a metaphor for the intensity of life.

These darkest moments of history produce stories that mirror intensity of the bodies struggle to survive, the daily cellular battle for air & water and the heart’s craving for love…

Title: The heart’s craving for love

the hearts battle for love


Later: Sunday, 6 July, 2008

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