Avatars change who we are

The “sig” series I am doing, and there are a lot of them, are with a consciousness of the importance of identity and how the relationship with an avatar is reciprocal.  Signing images I make is a work in process.  I have signed some on the computer, but mostly I print them and sign and date them on the day of printing.  I think of it as marking the making of the physical object. 

More and more I want to sign them as I make them.  One way or the other?  Right now it could be anything! These Sig images, made on the iphone are printing well.  I sign them again.  Just WL and the date, in pencil.

But the alchemy of the avatar is still at work, and the change is not done.  I amight be a bit old for this sort of adolescent exploration… but that is the way it is!  As an artist I am young.

Science of Sex | The Digital Lover | Proteus Effect:

“Who we choose to be in turn shapes how we behave,” Yee writes in the draft paper. “While avatars are usually construed as something of our own choosing – a one-way process – the fact is that our avatars come to change who we are.”

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