Definition of TV

A television is a screen with a couch in front of it.

I have been watching Ted Talks on my iPhone.

(Go to iTunes app, search TED talks, tap More Podcasts, & there they are, tap one to play live, no need to download)

I have found this OK, but prefer to download the audio, as I can then listen as I walk around. I have little use for the video… until I got the connector to watch it on TV.

Now I can watch them when I need to recline.

AND with company, no longer in solitude.

The iPhone opens the door to TV, something I have not watched for years because I NEED to time-shift & I CAN’T watch ads.

You Tube, Ted Talks, the ABC (Australian) Talking Heads… I can go to the couch & bob out… just like the old days.

What is worth watching?

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