DSM – easier to see its biasses.

Labeling is problematic, some more than others.  The DSM leads to over medicalisation.

American Psychiatry Is Facing “Civil War” over Its Diagnostic Manual | Psychology Today:

“Given the embarrassing evidence in the New Scientist article, whose associated editorial is called “Time’s Up for Psychiatry’s Bible,” the timing of the APA announcement raises significant flags. As the New Scientist put it in a rider that appeared on its website yesterday, “Since [the] article was first posted [last week], the American Psychiatric Association has announced that the publication of DSM-V will be delayed until May 2013.”

“Undoubtedly, the most reckless suggestion for DSM-V is that it include many new categories to capture the milder subthreshold versions of the existing more severe official disorders. The . . . DSM-V Task Force has failed to adequately consider the potentially disastrous unintended consequence that DSM-V may flood the world with new false positives. . . . The result would be a wholesale imperial medicalization of normality that will trivialize mental disorder and lead to a deluge of unneeded medication treatments—a bonanza for the pharmaceutical industry but at a huge cost to the new false positive ‘patients’ caught in the excessively wide DSM-V net.”

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