Dynamic Facilitation & Creativity

Reflection on Creativity.

I am impressed by the philosophy of creativity Jim presented (see link to podcast in last post). He draws on a Jungian idea of the unconscious being purposeful. If we let things bubble up then something useful will emerge. Similar to Moreno, creativity is always there, the art is to find the spontaneity, the catalyst to let it emerge. There is much thinking and experimenting that has led him to this understanding. He explains how “brainstorming” brings along an agenda. The stormed material is seen as not as valuable as the material that has been refined. Makes sense to me, the unconscious images need full attention.

Maybe it is the underlying creativity philosophy in Dynamic Facilitation that draws me to it. Of course I reflect on how this all ties in with Psychodrama & Moreno’s Canon of Creativity.


I am thinking that when a group faces a particular task, or problem, that needs an outcome, the Dynamic Facilitation approach is a tool that can be used. It is a good way to create a warm-up to creativity.

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  1. Walter, each school of psychotherapy becomes a school of one. Codifying and structuring any school, be it Freudian, Gestalt, or Jungian, loses its vitality. It is only when the therapist immerses “self” into the process that real therapy begins, a transformational process of alchemy. That is why I said that there can never be a point of “no bias” on the part of any facilitator. There are too many projections, transferences and counter-transferences swirling in the matrix.

    That said, I agree that dynamic facilitation is a vital tool.

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