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Red Book Dialogues. Filmmaker John Boorman known for films such as Excalibur, Deliverance and Point Blank talks with Jungian analyst Christopher Hauke. I enjoyed listening today. Its long & slow but I like the form, and also learning about the movie Excalibur.

Boorman – Hauke Dialogue

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Talk to Me: Filmmaker John Boorman | WNYC Culture:

Filmmaker John Boorman is known for films such as Excalibur, Deliverance and Point Blank. He’s also known for a keen visual aesthetic and interest in myth and legend. Jungian analyst Christopher Hauke is also a filmmaker, whose produced two full-length documentary features. Boorman and Hauke’s knowledge and love of film influenced their conversation about the Jungian mandala at the The Rubin Museum’s “Red Book Dialogues.” The centerpiece of Boorman’s mandala was a large, green serpent. Boorman said that the image of the serpent or snake is commonplace in many pre-Christian myths, such as the myth of St. Patrick driving all of the snakes out of Ireland. Boorman said that the ways myths reflect the collective consciousness in their retellings, have been important considerations for his personal and professional life.

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