Universal participation in action – a principle for the science of the virtual.

I spoke of Conscious experience in the last post… this is what I was thinking of. A quote from Moreno in Who Shall Survive? follows.


… The safest way to be in the warming up process yourself is to become a member of the group. … But by becoming a member of the group you are robbed of your role of the investigator who is to be outside of it, projecting, creating, and manipulating the experiment. You cannot be a genuine member and simultaneously a “secret agent” of the experimental method. The way out is to give every member of the group “research status”, to make them all experimenters and as each is carrying on his “own experiment” there are a hundred experiments and a coordination of each single experiment with every other is required. Sociometry is the sociology of the people, by the

people, and for the people; here this axiom is applied to social research itself. (Rule of universal participation in action).

Who Shall Survive? pp. 61-62

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