Walter Logeman: Gallery – Outliers

I’ve done it. I have just put up a new display in in the

Walter Logeman: Gallery

I am highlighting 10 prints I have not really put on display before – they are all from the Thousand Sketches, but they have not been in other shows as far as I recall.

They are all different in style & media, but I think they are a unified collection as well. When I was gathering them up it was clear to me – though I can’t explain it – which ones were in, and which were out, maybe their simplicity.

Here are a couple from the set, the first & the last:


This one is very early on in the Thousand Sketches – I recall thinking I can do a thousand in a year easily, I was churning them out in minutes. It proved more difficult of course!


This one is a meditation on how in my birth year 1944 Lee Krassner was painting gray slabs and destroying them. Unconsciously doing a conceptual art work in tune with the holocaust deaths in Germany.

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  1. Walter, hello – found you on twitter after trying it and finding Josh. Hope you are well.
    Living in Auckland with my youngest – Stella – with six others scattered around the world – Sydney (Jessica), London (Rebecca), LAX (Chris) Auckland (Katrina) Melbourne, (Tom) Wellington (Fritha)

    How are you? Last time we caught up was in Chch when I was lunching with family – and Reg was still alive . He died in August two years ago.

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