Weekly Digest of Tweets 2009-09-06

Sorted the posting to Facebook – so now I can Tweet & post more sensibly in different groups. Though I’ve slowed down a bit lately,

  • Test – is this on Facebook? I hope not. #
  • http://icio.us/3mdeuk #
  • Writing about Social Networking as I try to stop tweets from going to Facebook #
  • RT @hyblis Online psychotherapy is as good as in person therapy http://is.gd/2ITWQ 'online sessions were significantly more cost-effective' #
  • RT @thenation Bush's Third Term? http://bit.ly/CHMmY #
  • Solutions to climate change need to be social and technical. Viral is good. Explosive is better, e.g. crystal in a super-saturated solution. #
  • http://bit.ly/w1QYR. Maldives carbon neutrality plan. #ageofstupid #
  • RT @davewiner The Republicans are right — this video is political and creepy and shouldn't be shown in public schools. http://c.oy.ly/ztvz #

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