Weekly Digest of Tweets 2009-09-27

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  • Creating report to extract email from MoneyWorks to put into Mailman for the KTHT newsletter, coming out soon! #
  • Sign this, they (ACC, Govt) have dangerous ideas and need to be thwarted: #
  • OK – but misses plusses of cyberspace being like the psyche RT @hyblis 7 Things To Know Before Logging on for Counseling #
  • Have a look! RT @cameronreilly Obama’s Health Care Explained #
  • RT @cameronreilly Obama appears at the UN calling for a "new era", while at the same time re-signing the Cuba embargo. Hypocrite. #
  • Like this podcast Long walk tody & listened RT @listensto Leo Laporte, Gina Trapani, Jeff Jarvis, and Clint Boulton – TWiG 8: Freckly States #
  • Updated my Psychotherapy Online website. Http:// #
  • RT @jeremyscahill Read @chrislhayes ACORN and Accountability #
  • You'd think searching twitter for Teilhard de Chardin, Buckminster Fuller or McLuhan would be fun. No, endless retweats of tired quotes. #
  • Wow, just discovered one of my old hangouts online from the 90s is still around. And on Twitter @netdynam #
  • Trying to find NZ newspapers on twitter. If they don't get it, I don't get them. @scoopnz fill the gap! Enough @NYTimes and @thenation #
  • Good backstory: RT @cameronreilly The True Reason for Going to War in Afghanistan:Troops and Civilians are Dying for Oil #
  • Prof James Ritchie dies #
  • Walter
    (From my phone) – #

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