Weekly Digest of Tweets 2009-10-04

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Robert, I am exploring, and I don’t really reach a destination. I think Twitter is phenomenal, I now have a way of having socially mediated News, a very personal stream, my friends daily bits of info, and the world news mediated by people I trust. The thing was an almost accidental invention that has led to new consciousness about the impact of real-time-web.

It is a private company that makes no money. It is in competition with Facebook, Friendfeed and possibly Wave. I can see that whole archive of tweets going down the gurgler if they fold. So at least I am archiving my own, I am a collector. I probably have all the Psyber-L archives somewhere. I hope so.

Your question begs a larger question though. What am I trying to achieve with this whole blog! “Psyberspace, exploring the Psyche is Cyberspace”

I think I have explored thoroughly and well. How about the travelers tales, the learning?

I agree with the conclusion. Exploring the Psyche in Cyberspace indeed. As for what you are trying to achieve, my blogging is both about exploring my own “self” as well as laying out a series of faint pathways for others who wonder what the world of Jungian psychology is like when it is embodied in a person.

Thanks for the response about the archives. Sadly, I don’t have much in the way of archives. If you hadn’t saved them, my old words would have simply ceased to exist as if I had no past in cyberspace.

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